Filtrex Filter Media

CARBON TREATING: There are two simple, efficient, economical methods for carbon treating plating baths with Automatic Filters.

1. CARBO-KLEAR The original external carbon “tower” for plating baths has been proven in millions of production hours throughout the world. It attaches in minutes to the Summit Automatic Filter and allows up to a nominal 600 GPH to be percolated through a dense bed of 35 pounds of dust-free, fine granular carbon. This is equivalent to one part liquid to 10,000 parts carbon. “One pass” removes the bulk of organic contaminants: removes only trace amounts of brightener during the first few minutes of operation. For full details, see bulletin CKA.

2. AUTO-KOTE MARK I Automatically dispenses fine granular carbon on to each newly indexed section of filter media. Simply “dial” the amount of carbon desired – no practical limit – up to 4 ounces per square foot of filter area of more. So efficient that it has eliminated batch carbon treating of plating baths in dozens of plants throughout the world. Uses dust-free, highly activated, fine granular carbon especially compounded, packed in single “charge” containers. Simply pour into the slurry tank, set the dial, and AUTO-KOTE MARK I does the rest. May also be used for automatic precoating with filter aid for “super-fine” filtration (down to the sub micron range) allowing for efficient, one pass automatic filtering of batch carbon treated solutions. Occupies a mere 22” square of floor space.



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