Sulfur-Free, Dust-Free

MPW Fine Granular Carbon

MPW is comprised of very fine granules which are specially washed through a proprietary process involving batch agitation and top load draining of rinses. This results in a truly dust-free product.

MPW Granular Carbon is made from selected grades of bituminous coal giving the carbon superior hardness and long life. Produced under rigidly controlled conditions by high temperature steam activation, MPW Granular Carbon provides high surface area, large pore volume, and high density providing optimum structure for removing dissolved organics. Recognized as a primary determinant of efficacy, the "heavy weight" density of MPW Granular Carbon is many times more effective - volume for volume - than gimmicky, so called feather weight products.

High surface area, approximately 900 square meters per gram, effectively removes a wide range of dissolved organics over a long period of time. MPW Granular Carbon is so effective, as a matter of fact, that it will actually produce high quality potable water from aqueous solutions which have been heavily contaminated with organics. The basic MPW material is used widely by manufacturers of water conditioning equipment for home and industry.

Exclusive MPW Granular Carbon is available in 25 and 50 pound parcels. It is also used in Summit's CARBO-KLEAR Cartridges.

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