CARBO-KLEAR Carbon Cartridges

Contain 6, 12, 18, 35, or 50 pounds of pure, washed, dust-free, sulfur-free, activated fine carbon granules, in a sealed, disposable polypropylene cartridge.

Adsorption of organic impurities is maximized by CARBO-KLEAR carbon cartridges' unique and exclusive design. Their side walls are impermeable, so that all solution flowing in through the bottom mesh is channeled through the carbon equally, exiting through the top mesh to the process tank. There can be no by-passing of the carbon, as th ordinary all-mesh bags. An estimated 1 part of solution to 100 parts of carbon is the flow-through ratio. This explains the fantastic efficiency of CARBO-KLEAR, since this ratio is much greater than even batch carbon treating procedures.

Additionally, the dense, fine CARBO-KLEAR granules contain 3-times more surface area, pound for pound, than powdered carbon, or the so-called "light-weight granules." This tremendous surface area is contained inside the pores of the granules - a microscopic version of what may be seen in porous coke. CONTROLLED FLOW ASSURES SUFFICIENT CONTACT TIME FOR MORE EFFICIENT ADSORP­TION OF ORGANIC IMPURITIES.

CARBON-KLEAR units are designed to permit a fixed flow rate into the chamber to maximize adsorp­tion of organic impurities. The carefully calculated flow rate permits the solution to trickle into and out of the carbon granules' microscopic pores. The carbon granules quickly reach their saturation level in minimal amounts of brighteners, then continues to adsorb organic impurities and break-down products. For corresponding filter equipment see Bulletin 250A.

*Recommendations are based on a nominal one pound of granular carbon for every 100 gallons of solution to be purified, which has proven to be sufficient as a maintenance procedure. For tanks generating heavy organic contaminants, or where more thorough purification is desired, select the next larger model/size.

For tanks larger than 5,000 gallons, or where heavy duty purification is desired, any combination of Carbo- Klear models may be manifolded in parallel, consult factory for prices.


The use-cost of CARBO-KLEAR carbon cartridges is substantially lower than carbon treating by other methods. This takes into account the real cost of the labor and down-time involved in precoating filter elements to trap fine carbon dust particles generated in conventional batch carbon treat procedures; not to mention filter clean-up, and removal of spent bulk carbon. The life expectancy of a CARBO-KLEAR carbon cartridge is from 50 to 300 hours total use, depending on the tank size, amount of organic contamination, the rate of introduction of contaminants in process, and whether use is continuous or intermittent.

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