Premium Electroplating Pec Series
Carbon Filter Cartridges

The PEC Series Activated Carbon Cartridges are a premium performing line specifically designed for electroplating solutions. They represent the best technology available to us along with over nine years' manufacturing experience with electroplating filter cartridges.

The PEC Series is characterized in appearance by a distinctive gold colored outer netting, contains no cellulose and can be considered as sulfur-free. This series is the ideal choice for either continuous or batch treating acid copper sulfate solutions in particular but also are the uncompromising choice when one cartridge type is desired for all applications.


  1. Eliminate the past requirement for filter aids and filtration after carbon treating.
  2. Pre-washed to further guarantee no carbon bleed-off.
  3. 7.5 micron nominal retention with enormous sediment holding capacity in a true depth-type, 2 phase fibrous structure.
  4. Resistant without breakdown in both strongly acid and strongly alkaline solutions up to 180F.
  5. Contain no cellulose or other products that could contribute to plating porosity or brittleness.
  6. Each nominal 10" length contains approximately 4 oz. of sulfur-free, highly purified vegetable base carbon and may be used at up to 3 gpm flow for continuous treating. 1.5 gpm is acceptable for batch treating.
  7. Available in all standard lengths up to 30".

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