Polypropylene Wound Filter Tubes

Available in "Standard or "ULTRA-PURE" styles


Summit Filter Tubes are made by precision winding polypropylene "yarn" on to rigid polypropylene cores. This method affords positive sealing in the filter chamber, for no by-pass filtration at high flow rates and pressures. The special rhomboidal winding pattern provides true "depth" filtration, in engineered porosities of from 1 to 100 microns.

The 100% polypropylene construction is chemically inert in a wide range of corrosive fluids and gases, including concentrated acids and alkalis, and strong oxidizing agents.


Designed for critical solutions. Contains no extractable contaminants. Unique construction eliminates media migration. Meets the high standards of pharmaceutical filtration.

Conventional filter tubes are made from polypropylene yarn, which is brushed to form a nap, fibres of which can break off during filtration, and migrate into solutions. Their manufacture requires detergent spraying during winding, which can leach into solutions, to avoid electrostatic binding and heat build-up. ULTRA-PURE, on the other hand are wound with polypropylene ribbon filament which is combed, not brushed, and require no spraying of any kind during manufacture. No migrating fibres nor extractable contaminants are created in the manufacturing process. Ribbon winding makes them look "different," but ULTRA-PURE provide the same dirt holding capacity and depth filtration as filter tubes manufactured by conventional methods.

ULTRA-PURE Filter Tubes are engineered to particle retention porosities of 5, 25, and 50 microns; the first and only choice for precious metals, pharmaceuticals, and other critical solutions.

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