Polypropylene Filter Sleeves

Patented Perma-Kote Sleeve/Core assembly "peeled away" to show outer, reusable sleeve, and permanent, rigid polypropylene core consisting of an outer screen over a fluted support core.

Patented Perma-Kote Sleeve/Core assemblies positioned onto the rigid support rods which are affixed inside the base of all SUMMIT Perma-Kote Filters (photographed without chamber shell).

Specifications and Price List

Micron Porosity-

Extra Coarse… 100 micron
Coarse… 75 micron
Medium Coarse… 50 micron
Medium… 25 micron
Fine… 10 micron
Extra Fine… 5 micron
Dense… 2 micron

Patented Perma-Kote Filter Sleeves are constructed of highly tentacular, polypropylene, thick mat, felt fibers. They are engineered to particulate retention porosities of 2, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 microns, without the use of precoating. (5 micron Perma-Kote Filter Sleeves have particle retention in the same range as precoat filter cakes, as used on conventional precoat type filters.) Each ten inch length of Perma-Kote Filter Sleeves has approximately 2/3 square feet of depth filter area. The solids holding capacity is equal to 1 ft. 2, as compared with surface media, and will handle flow rates of 100 to 300 GPH, with pressures to 50 psi, at temperatures up to 200°F.

Perma-Kote Filter Sleeves are the Most Economical Filter Media Available.

Costing only a few cents more than equal lengths of conventional string wound cartridges, Perma-Kote Sleeves are "permanently" reusable by simply flushing off trapped solids. This "permanently" reusable feature can cut filter media replacement costs by up to 90% or more!

Easy cleaning. Simply remove the dirt laden sleeve/core assembly from the filter chamber, and flush off with water. No need to remove the sleeve from the core. Since the tentacular sleeve fibers will hold the solids as the element is pulled up through the solution, the chamber does not have to be drained.

For most efficient useage of the Perma-Kote Filter Sleeve system, experienced users keep a "stand-by" set of filter sleeves and cores. When the filter requires cleaning, the dirtclogged sleeves with cores are replaced with the clean "stand-by" assembly in seconds. Thus, the dirty sleeves may be cleaned whenever convenient.

Patented Perma-Kote Filter Sleeves should not be confused with monofilament "sleeves" offered by some suppliers, which are usually made of anode bag material and must be precoated, and so serve merely as "septum" for the filter cake which becomes the filter medium. Perma-Kote Sleeves may be precoated with powdered carbon if desired. It should be noted that Perma-Kote Filter Sleeves will trap all solid particles larger than the given micron rating. Note, too, that 5 micron Perma-Kote Filter Sleeves are equivalent in particle retention to precoated filter cakes of conventional precoat filters!

All sizes and micron porosities of SUMMIT PERMA-KOTE Filter Sleeves are available in ULTRA-PURE, pre-washed version, containing no contaminating or foaming agents, for use with critical solutions.

SUPPORTING CORE: All parts are constructed of heavy duty polypropylene. Consists of outer mesh shell with supporting core and two end caps. Engineered and produced specifically to exact lengths for leakproof, positive filtration. Available in standard lengths of 5, 10, 20, 40 and 50 inches.

These cartridges are interchangeable with wound "depth type" filter tubes and will fit all standard filter units.

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