Automatic Indexing Media Pressure Filter

For all corrosive liquid applications.
For batch processing and continuous filtration.
Filters, Drains, Cleans and recycles itself automatically!

  • Continuous Filtration at Rated Flow
  • Leak proof Operation
  • No Filter Cleanout Labor and Downtime
  • No Solution Losses
  • Solids Filtered from Solution are Delivered as Dry Cake
  • Low Operation and Maintenance Cost
  • Employs Reusable, Re-cleanable, Disposable Filter Media
  • Equipped with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

Liquid filtration with the advantage of unique benefits not available in other filters. Filtermatic is simple in design, high in performance. Engineered to function with few moving parts or the troublesome complexities of carrier belts, pulleys, or moving upper shell filter chambers.

Pneumatically driven doors seal the ends of the chamber to sandwich media over a screen within the housing. Contaminated fluid is pumped into the filter chamber and forced through the media. Clean filtrate is discharged from the bottom section under pressure.

When solids accumulate on the filter media, chamber pressure rises to meet a pre-set limit; the pump then stops and an automatic air blow-down is actuated. This dries the solids and the doors open to introduce fresh media at one end, while discharging the spent media and solids out the other end. Solids are scraped and dropped into a receptacle and the used media is rewound for easy disposal or re-use.

Where applicable, the spent media can be flushed clean during the indexing cycle. An optional media recycling unit can be fitted to the filter to wash the spent media and return it back into the chamber. After many washings, Filtermatic will automatically detect and reject ineffective recycled media sections.

How The System Works:


"KY" Series: Constructed with 316 S.S. or 304 S.S. alloy filter chambers and filter screen platens. Standard systems are designed for operating pressures to 50 PSIG. Pumps, when supplied, are 316 S.S. centrifugal with external water sealed, packed, stuffing box, flexible couples to a TEFC motor. Rotary mechanical seals are available as soon as an option.

"KYP" Series: Equipped with steel reinforced Polypropylene filter chambers. Designed for operating pressures of 50 PSIG, to temperatures of 180 deg. F. Pumps, when supplied, are Polypropylene centrifugals with external water-flushed mechanical rotary seals, flexible coupled to a TEFC motor.

Standard features:

  • Separate NEMA 12 enclosures - for electric and pneumatic controls.
  • Allen Bradley SLC/500 - Programmable Logic Controller.
  • Electrical supply failure safety - Secures chamber seals, preventing liquid dump during power loss.
  • Exterior finish - Phosphate prep., two coats epoxy; alert orange.
  • Rewinding device - for spent media and a dry solids holding bin.

Special Features/Optional Accessories:

  • CARBO-KLEAR - Carbon treatment station, for continuous or intermittent use. Consists of a CPVC chamber containing a sealed disposable cartridge with 35 lbs. of pure, dust-free, activated fine granules.
  • AUTO-KOTE Mark 1 - Automatically precoats media with filter powder, carbon, or both.
  • Media wash/recycling assembly - Permits re-use of filter media up to forty times (depending on type used). Dramatically extends media life and lowers disposal costs.
  • Air Supply failure safety - Secures chamber seals, preventing liquid dump during loss of air pressure.
  • Mechanical pump seals - For "KY" series. (Consult Factory)
  • Cleanable, Semi-Permanent Belt available for various applications.

Design Assistance:

  • Our engineers are available to design an efficient, low-cost filtration or dewatering system and provide all necessary engineering and equipment for a turnkey system.
  • Free laboratory testing of your product.
  • Rental filters available for on-site testing.
  • Specializing in design engineering and manufacturing since 1960.

Other services:

  • Installation Support - Design engineering and fabrication.
  • Pumps and Motors - For filter and circulatory systems.
  • Filter Media - For all applications.
  • Factory Engineer Start-Up Assistance - Normally assistance is not required at start-up. However, such assistance will be available to aid in the initial setting of parameters and training on the filter's operation and maintenance at standard rates.

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