Sorb/Oil Filter Bags

Absorb 15-25 Times Their Weight In Oil

Remove Oil and Grease From Aqueous or Non Aqueous Liquids (for use with Summit Bag Filter Chambers - Bulletin 610.)

SORB/Oil Filter Bags are the most economical, effective method for removing tramp oils and other petroleum based "contaminants," from process solutions, machine tool coolants, and the like.

SORB/Oil Filter bags are constructed of two separate media; a reinforced outer layer, with an interior of specially formulated hydrophobic floss. This proprietary combination is capable of absorbing from 15-25 times its weight in oil or other petroleum based liquids.

As a rule of thumb, every 2-square feet of SORB/Oil bag can absorb up to a full quart of oil. Since such oil occur in solutions as "contaminants" in trace amounts, a full quart becomes a tremendous volume; especially when the small size and low cost of SORB/Oil bags is taken into account.

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