Mini Bag Filter

For all liquid clarification or solids recovery

In laboratory, pilot plant or small production solutions

Collects and dries solids in micron rated, throw-away bags

  • Micron rated throw-away bags at less than 1/6th the cost of conventional wound filter tubes.
  • Standard air blow-down fixture permits drying of filtered solids.
  • CPVC chambers - temperatures to 200*F, pressure to 50 psi

The new Summit Mini Bag Filter uses micron rated, throw-away bags, from 2 to 50 microns, at less than 1/6th the cost of ordinary filter tubes. AND, the exclusive air blow-down feature dries the dirt filtered from solutions to a cake-like consistency, so you simply throw the bags away with other dry waste materials.

This exclusive feature also permits clean, simplified solids recovery applications, for the first time with a bag filter. The air blow-down quickly evacuates the chamber of remaining liquid, while the bag's contents are dried to an easy-to-process cake.


Summit Mini Bag Filters are recommended for high flow removal of trace contaminants from most corrosive liquids, such as electrolytic or electroless plating solutions; to extend the life of caustic or acid cleaning solutions; filtration of spray paint booth wash-offs; clarification of galvanizing, anodizing and phosphatizing baths; filtration of waste treatment effluents; and, quick, simplified solids recovery applications.

IN ACTUAL OPERATION... filtered solids are collected in micron rated, throw-away "mini-bags," which are 1/6th the cost of equivalent filter cartridges. Blow-down with a standard shop air gun, using the built-in fixture on the chamber cover, dries the contents. This affords the simplest waste disposal, or most efficient solids recovery for further processing.

Pumps: Magnetically driven centrifugal. The only moving part in the solution is the plastic encapsulated impeller magnet which rotates on a silica free ceramic internal shaft, impervious to a wide range of acid and alkaline solutions.

  • Model BC3 - Polypropylene construction. Delivers up to 600 GPH and develops 10 psi at shutoff. Motor is 1/15hp, TEFC, 115 volts, 1 phase, with cord, and grounding plug.
  • Model MC4 - Polypropylene construction. Delivers up to 1200 GPH and develops 15 psi at shutoff. Motor is hp, TEFC, 115/230 volts, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz, wired 115 volts with switch, cord and grounding plug.
  • Model MC4.6 - Ryton construction. Delivers up to 2200 GPH and develops 22 psi at shutoff. Motor is H.P., TEC, 115/230 volts, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz, or 230/460 volts, 3 phase. Unless otherwise specified, motor is supplied wired for 115 volts, 1 phase, with switch, cord and grounding plug.

Mini-Tube Bags

See Bulletin 605A.


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