Corrosion Resistant Compact Filter Systems

-with positive priming* magnetic drive pumps

Provide leakproof filtration for all common acid and alkaline solutions to 190*F.

100 to 7,500 GPH Capacities

  • All plastic construction
  • No metal contact with solution
  • No mechanical pump seals
  • Leakproof - Non-aerating
  • Simple carbon treating capability

CHAMBERS: Available in two materials of construction - Rigid heavy duty PVC for service to 160F, or CPVC for service to 190F.

A swingaway yoke seals the filter chamber cover. This advanced design provides center point compression, distributing pressure evenly over the entire cover gasket for a tight, leakproof seal. Closure and chamber cover removal, is quick and easy, requiring only a twist of a knob.

Summit makes use of this convenient and simple design wherever size permits. On Models 1220, 1230, 1240 and 1830, our traditional swingaway closure is used.

Filter chamber is permanently sealed into the base - no leakage at base when cover is removed.

All fittings are socket welded, for rigid strength and leak-proof operation.

PUMPS: Magnetically driven centrifugal (positive pump primer is optional). The only moving part in the solution is the plastic encapsulated impeller magnet which rotates on a silica free ceramic internal shaft, impervious to a wide range of acid and alkaline solutions.

  • MODEL MC4 - Polypropylene construction. Delivers up to 1200 gph and develops 15 psi at shutoff. Motor is %. HP. TEFC, 115/230 volts, 1 ph, 50/60 Hz, wired for 115 volts with switch, cord and grounding plug.
  • MODEL MC4.6 - Ryton construction. Delivers up to 2200 gph and develops 22 psi at shutoff. Motor is Y2 HP, TEFC, 115/230 volts, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz, or, 230/460 volts, 3 phase. Unless otherwise specified, motor is supplied wired for 115 volts, 1 phase, with switch, cord and grounding plug.
  • MODEL MC5 - Polypropylene construction. Delivers up to 3200 gph and develops 28 psi at shutoff. Motor is % HP, TEFC, 115/230 volts, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz, or, 230/460 volts, 3 phase. Unless otherwise specified, motor is supplied wired for 115 volts, 1 phase, with switch, cord and grounding plug.
  • MODEL MC8 - Polypropylene construction. Delivers up to 8,100 GPH and develops 41 psi at shutoff. MotIDr is 3 H.P., TEFC, 230/460 volts, 3 phase, 60 Hz.

BASE: all equipment is mounted on a corrosion resistant, epoxy coated, rigid base with 2" ball bearing swivel casters for portability.

ACCESSORIES: All models are supplied with a pressure gauge, Hypalon diaphragm protected, flow control valve, chamber air vent valve, hose, clamps, suction strainer.

SUMMIT Polypropylene Sleeve Filter Media

The polypropylene core and felt sleeve media, used in all advanced design Summit Filters, eliminate costly wound filter tubes... time-consuming preparation of filter-aid cakes... and messy filter bags. Permanent, reuseable filter sleeves with rigid polypropylene supporting cores are available for controlled filtration from 1 to 100 micron porosity. Unmatched in performance and economy, the polypropylene sleeve can be used over and over again - simply flush off trapped solids. Interchangeable with conventional filter cartridges, if desired. Also available in ULTRA-PURE, PRE-WASHED, filter sleeves or wound cartridges containing no contaminating or foaming agents. For use with critical solutions. For additional information, refer to Bulletin 905.

SUMMIT Powdered Carbon Filter Cartridges

May be used for simultaneous filtration and carbon treating. Simply insert a Summit Carbon Filter Cartridge in place of the filter sleeve/core assembly. These premium Powdered Carbon Filter Cartridges contain no cellulose or binders that could cause porosity or brittleness on electroplates. Each 10" length contains approximately 4 Oz. of sulfur free, highly purified vegetable base powdered carbon, locked into a blend of synthetic fibers in a unique accretion process. Combined with inner and outer layers of synthetic fiber filter media, particle retention is in the 5 micron range, providing true depth filtration/purification in one solution pass without carbon channeling or media migration. Superb for precious metals and all other critical solutions. For additional information, refer to Bulletin 915.

CARBO-KLEAR CARBON TREATMENT SYSTEMS: A complete purification system with a carbon chamber mounted on a common base with the filter system.

Chambers are valve manifolded for quick selection of desired operation: Filtration only, or filtration and carbon treatment; continuously or intermittently.

CARBO-KLEAR CARBON CARTRIDGES: contain pure, washed, dust-free, sulfur-free, activated fine carbon granules, in a sealed, disposable Polypropylene cartridge.

Highly Selective, this carbon quickly reaches its saturation point in minimal amounts of organic additives, yet continues to have excellent adsorption for organic impurities.

The solution is pumped upward at a slow flow rate, for maximum contact time, through a dense bed of activated carbon. Following organic decontamination, the solution is automatically filtered through PERMA-KOTE filter sleeves, down to 1 micron, entrapping all solids. The clean, pure solution then flows back into the tank.

CARBO-KLEAR units, designed for continuous or periodic operation, remove all organic impurities and solid dirt particles down to 1 micron in size. Chambers are fabricated from solid PVC, for handling acid and alkaline solutions to 160F, or CPVC for operating temperatures up to 190F.

There are five model sizes to choose from, depending on the number of gallons of solution in the tank to be purified; the amount of organic contamination present or introduced during processing; and whether Carbo-Klear is to be used continuously or intermittently. The following chart may serve as quantitative rule of thumb on model selection.

* NOTE: Recommendations are based on a nominal 1 pound of granular carbon for every 100 gallons of solution in the tank to be purified, which has proven to be sufficient as a maintenance procedure. For tanks generating heavy organic contaminants, or where more thorough purification is desired, select the next larger model/size.

How to use CARBO-KLEAR

FOR BEST RESULTS, CARBO-KLEAR should be used on a daily basis, an average of 2 hours per day, or shift. Shorter or longer periods of carbon treatment, or continuous operation may be used as required according to the frequency of organic contamination buildup in the tank. CARBO-KLEAR can also be used as a batch treatment unit by either constant recirculation in the plating tank or by transferring the solution to another tank through the CARBO-KLEAR unit.

The life expectancy of a carbon cartridge is from 50 to 300 operating hours total use, depending on the tank size, the amount of organic contamination present in the bath, or whether the CARBO-KLEAR is used as a periodic batch treter, or on a daily continuous basis.

SUMMIT POWDERED CARBON FILTER CARTRIDGES; as described on the preceding page, may be used as an additional carbon treating aid by inserting them in place of the filter sleeves, thereby having both powdered carbon and granular carbon treatment available.


To put together a complete filtration and carbon treatment system, prefix the filter system model No. with the Carbo-Klear model No- example: filter model No. VS320-MC4 combined with Carbo-Klear model No. VSCK12 becomes: Model VSCK12-VS320-MC4.


POSITIVE PUMPRIMER: Consists of a small PVC hand pump which is inserted in the end of the discharge hose while suction hose is in solution. Pull handle and filter system fills with solution. Filter pump is now primed and ready to operate.

BY-PASS VALVE: For independent transfer pumping.

SLURRY TANK WITH VALVE MANIFOLD: Equipped with an 8 valve manifold (single tube chambers have 6 valves) to perform all chemical feed and precoat slurry functions.

ADD TO FILTER BASE DIMENSION: 10" L x 4 W. (nominal)

ADD TO FILTER SYSTEM WEIGHT: 40 lbs. (nominal)

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