Corrosion Resistant Compact Filter Systems

-with positive priming* magnetic drive pumps…

.. for purification and/or filtration of precious metal baths and other small-volume solutions.

50 to 600 GPH Capacities

For Tanks Sizes From 10 to 300 Gallons

  • All plastic construction
  • No metal contact with solution
  • Leakproof - Non-aerating
  • Simple carbon treating capability
  • For acid and alkaline solutions to 200*F.

Model BC3 Magnetic Filter Systems…

… are specifically designed for all around leakproof filtering and circulation in laboratory, pilot plant and production applications. Requiring only 10" x 10" aof floor or bench space, they are recommended for acid and alkaline solutions, all precious metal plating solutions as well as high chlorides, sulfuric acid solutions, fluoborate and alkaline cyanide electroplating solutions. These systems are also recommended for photographic and sensitive solutions. Equipped with the Summit Magnetic drive pump, the systems are completely corrosion resistant, and positive priming.*

For carbon treatments and filtering…

… simply insert a CARBO-KLEAR Powdered Carbon Cartridge instead of a filter cartridge. The solution will be totally purified through pure, sulfur-free Powdered Carbon and then "polished" to a fine filtered clarity.

CHAMBERS: Available in four materials of construction "L"-clear, see through Lucite with PVC base and cover to 140°F (Lucite not recommended for solutions containing Flourides) "V"-PVC chamber base and cover to 150°F, "P"-POLYPROPYLENE chamber base and cover to 180°F, "C"-CPVC chamber base and cover to 200*F.

Swing-away yoke, which seals chamber cover, is constructed of stainless steel. This advanced design provides center point compression distributing pressure evenly over the entire cover gasket for a tight, leak-proof seal. Closure, and chamber cover removal, is quick and easy, requiring only a twist of a single knob.

Filter chamber is permanently sealed into base - no leakage at base when cover is removed for servicing.

All fittings are socket welded, for rigid strength and leak-proof operation.

PUMP: Magnetically driven centrifugal. Polypropylene construction. The only moving part in the liquid is the plastic molded impeller magnet which rotates on an internal, pure ceramic spindle. This pump cannot leak because there are no seals. Model BC3 delivers up to 600 GPH and develops 10 PSI at shutoff.

Motor: Totally enclosed, fan cooled, 115 volts, single phase, 1/15 HP, AC with cord and grounding plug. Optional motors available: When standard motor does not meet electrical requirements.

All models are supplied with nylon reinforced, clear vinyl hose, suction strainer, and stainless steel hose clamps and a Polypropylene filter sleeve. Equipment is mounted on plastic base with rubber bumpers.

*POSITIVE PUMP PRIMER (optional): Consists of a small PVC hand pump which is inserted in the end of the discharge hose while suction hose is in solution. Pull handle and filter system fills with solution. Filter pump is now primed and ready to operate. (see price list)

SUMMIT Polypropylene Sleeve Filter Media

The polypropylene core and felt sleeve media, used in all advanced design Summit Filters, eliminate costly wound filter tubes...time-consuming preparation of filter-aid cakes...and messy filter bags. Permanent, reuse able filter sleeves with rigid polypropylene supporting cores are available for controlled filtration from 1 to 100 micron porosity. Unmatched in performance and economy, the polypropylene sleeve can be used over and over again - simply flush off trapped solids. Interchangeable with conventional filter cartridges, if desired. Also available in ULTRA-PURE, PRE- WASHED, filter sleeves or wound cartridges containing no contaminating or foaming agents. For use with critical solutions. For additional information, refer to Bulletin 905.

SUMMIT Powdered Carbon Filter Cartridges

May be used for simultaneous filtration and carbon treating. Simply insert a Summit Carbon Filter Cartridge in place of the filter sleeve/core assembly. These premium Powdered Carbon Filter Cartridges contain no cellulose or binders that could cause porosity or brittleness on electroplates. Each 10" length contains approximately 4 Oz. of sulfur free, highly purified vegetable base powdered carbon, locked into a blend of synthetic fibers in a unique accretion process. Combined with inner and outer layers of synthetic fiber filter media, particle retention is in the 5 micron range, providing true depth filtration/purification in one solution pass without carbon channeling or media migration. Superb for precious metals and all other critical solutions. For additional information, refer to Bulletin 915.

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