Filter Systems

For all plating and corrosive solutions including electroless copper and nickel to 200*F.

For In-Tank Or Out Of Tank Use

Flow rates from 50 to 3000 GPH

For tank sizes from 25 to 1500 gallon capacities

  • Rigid CPVC construction
  • No wearing parts
  • No seals (can even run dry)
  • No pump bearings
  • High volume filtration
  • Self priming (pump in-tank)
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Leakproof
  • Minimum maintenance
  • 4 Ways of installing MARINER
  • 8 Models to select from

Unique in its Design

The MARINER pumps have no seals, no bearings, no wearing parts. They can even run dry. The MARINER's unique dual-impeller design provides high volume circulation and eliminates leakage up the pump column.

To serve the needs of tanks to 1500 gallons, MARINERS are available in 8 sizes. Each provides excellent agitation without aeration, instant priming when in-tank, no tools needed to open chamber for fast tube change.

Materials of Construction

The high strength qualities of CPVC make the MARINER systems extremely rugged yet wear and impact resistant, dimensionally stable and capable of handling the roughest of corrosive liquids and sensitive solutions.

Individual and interchangeable pumps and filter chambers are also available separately.

For the most effective filtration choose the MARINER model and tank position best suited to your application.

You can install the MARINER 4 different ways

This practical all-purpose compact MARINER filter system series is designed for multi position mounting anywhere in or around the tank. The lightweight portable MARINER can be fixed to work entirely in-tank or all outside the tank. The system can also be divided to permit space saving positioning of the pump in-tank and the filter chamber outside.

Filter Chamber

The no-metal contact chamber is equipped with an external swingaway yoke which seals the chamber cover. This advanced design provides center point compression distributing pressure evenly over the entire cover gasket for a tight, leak-proof seal. Closure, and chamber cover removal, is quick and easy, requiring only a twist of a single knob.

Fittings are socket welded, for rigid strength and leak-proof operation.

The filter chamber is equipped with a CPVC support pipe over which drops the filter tube. A plastic nut then hand tightens and seals both ends. This gives positive seal security. There is no possibility of filter tube distortion, twisting, by-passing of solution or lost parts as in spring compression. Tubes have perfect alignment and are sealed secure before the cover is closed.

MARINER Pumps - High Flow at High Pressure

Produce effective filtration for long periods. High pressure at rated flow (substantially higher than competitors), allow more solids loading of the filter element without the usual drop in flow rate.

Effective Depth Filtration

Available in "Standard" or "ULTRA-PURE" styles


Summit Filter Tubes are made by precision winding polypropylene "yarn" on to rigid polypropylene cores. This method affords positive sealing in the filter chamber, for no by-pass filtration at high flow rates and pressures. The special rhomboidal winding pattern provides true "depth" filtration, in engineered porosities of from 1 to 100 microns.

The 100% polypropylene construction is chemically inert in a wide range of corrosive fluids and gases, including concentrated acids and alkalis, and strong oxidizing agents.


Designed for critical solutions. Contains no extractable contaminants. Unique construction eliminates media migration. Meets the high standards of pharmaceutical filtration.

Conventional filter tubes are made from polypropylene yarn, which is brushed to form a nap, fibres of which can break off during filtration, and migrate into solutions. Their manufacture requires detergent spraying during winding, which can leach into solutions, to avoid electrostatic binding and heat build-up. ULTRA-PURE, on the other hand are wound with polypropylene ribbon filament which is combed, not brushed, and require no spraying of any kind during manufacture. No migrating fibres nor extractable contaminants are created in the manufacturing process. Ribbon winding makes them look "different," but ULTRA-PURE provide the same dirt holding capacity and depth filtration as filter tubes manufactured by conventional methods.

ULTRA-PURE Filter Tubes are engineered to particle retention porosities of from 1 through 50 microns; the first and only choice for precious metals, pharmaceuticals, and other critical solutions.

SUMMIT Powdered Carbon Filter Cartridges

May be used for simultaneous filtration and carbon treating. Simply insert a Summit Carbon Filter Cartridge in place of the wound filter tubes. These premium Powdered Carbon Filter Cartridges contain no cellulose or binders that could cause porosity or brittleness on electroplates. Each 10" length contains approximately 4 oz. of sulfur free, highly purified vegetable base powdered carbon, locked into a blend of synthetic fibers in a unique accretion process. Combined with inner and outer layers of synthetic fiber filter media, particle retention is in the 5 micron range, providing true depth filtration/purification in one solution pass without carbon channeling or media migration. Superb for precious metals and all other critical solutions.

Installation Piping Selection Chart
Specify Desired Arrangement When Ordering

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