The world's first proportionable filter/carbon treater combination in a single, compact chamber.

Two separate valves are manifolded to provide infinitely variable flow through the filter and/or carbon cartridge. This exclusive design permits filtering, with flow through the carbon adjustable from zero to the maximum capacity of the system, as shown on the specifications for particular model/sizes.

Filta-Pure does what no other single chamber filter/carbon treater in the world can do:

  1. Vary the flow through the filter and/or the carbon by twisting one valve. And, regardless of the operational mode, you never have to remove the carbon cartridge.
  2. Full rated flow through the Perma-Kote filter sleeves alone, without removing the carbon cartridge.
  3. Full rated flow through the carbon and filter.

Filta-Pure Systems are available in five model/sizes, designed for filtration/purification of tanks from 200 to 3000 gallons.

Choice of Two Pumps:

  1. Sealless, leak-proof, Polypropylene/Ryton magnetic drive centrifugal.
  2. CPVC self-priming, vertical in-tank pump.

FILTA-PURE is the most practical, economical, and versatile single-chamber system in the world to carbon treat and filter bright nickel, acid copper, tin and zinc, copper pyrophosphate, cadmium and silver, lead-tin fluoborate, and most other plating solutions.

For Most Economical Filtration

SUMMIT Polypropylene Sleeve Filter Media

The polypropylene core and felt sleeve media, used in all advanced design Summit Filters, eliminate costly wound filter tubes, time-consuming preparation of filter-aid cakes… and messy filter bags. Permanent, reusable filter sleeves with rigid polypropylene supporting cores are available fro controlled filtration from 1 to 100 micron porosity. Unmatched in performance and economy, the polypropylene sleeve can be used over and over again - simply flush off trapped solids. Interchangeable with conventional filter cartridges, if desired. Also available in ULTRA PURE, PRE-WASHED, filter sleeves or wound cartridges containing no contaminating or foaming agent. For use with critical solutions.

For Total Economical Carbon Treating

The use-cost of CARBO-KLEAR carbon cartridges is substantially lower than carbon treating by other methods. This takes into account the real cost of the labor and down-time involved in precoating filter elements to trap fine carbon dust particles generated in conventional batch carbon treat procedures; not to mention filter clean-up, and loss of solution. The life expectancy of a CARBO-KLEAR carbon cartridge is from 50 to 300 hours total use, depending on the tank size, amount of organic contamination, the rate of introduction of contaminants in process, and whether use is continuous or intermittent.

The Original, Unique Carbo-Klear Carbon Cartridges

Absorption of organic impurities is maximized by CARBO-KLEAR carbon cartridges' unique and exclusive design. Their side walls are impermeable, so that all solution flowing in through the bottom mesh is channeled through the carbon equally, exiting through the top mesh to the process tank. There can be no by-passing of the carbon, as with ordinary all-mesh bags. An estimated 1 part of solution to 100 parts of carbon is the flow-through ratio. This explains the fantastic efficiency of CARBO-KLEAR, since this ratio is much greater than even batch carbon treating procedures.

Additionally, the dense, fine CARBO-KLEAR granules contain 8-times more surface area, pound for pound, than powdered carbon, or the so-called "light-weight granules." This tremendous surface area is contained inside the pores of the granules - a microscopic version of what may be seen in porous coke.

All systems are complete and ready to operate with:

  • Two-valve manifold for filtration and infinitely variable flow through the carbon.
  • Diaphragm protected pressure gauge assembly.
  • Drain valve assembly.
  • Portable base with 2" ball bearing swivel casters.
  • Reinforced PVC hose, clamps and suction strainer
  • SUMMIT Perma-Kote permanent polypropylene filter sleeves with support cores. (Interchangeable with wound filter tubes.)
  • Carbon cartridge.

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