Carbon Treatment Systems

For purification and filtration of acid or alkaline solutions to temperatures of 190*F.

Flow rates to 600 GPH - Five Sizes - For Tanks Up to 5,000 Gallons

  • All plastic corrosion resistant PVC or CPVC
  • Leakproof - Automatic operation
  • Disposable carbon cartridges
  • Removes organic contaminants and solid dirt particles down to 1 micron at the same time

Model shown contains 50 pound carbon cartridge for use on tanks up to 5,000 gallons. All MC4 models, available in five sizes, use sealless, magnetic drive polypropylene pumps. Models CK35 and CK50, mounted on ball bearing swivel casters for portability (See specs.)

Model shown contains 35 pounds carbon cartridge for use on tanks up to 3,500 gallons. All S1/3 models, available in five sizes, use vertical, self-priming, CPVC in-tank pumps.

Model without pumps and motor, available in five sizes, for use on tanks from 600 to 5,000 gallons. Designed to be attached to any filter system, separate pump, or for manifolding with additional chamber(s) for great purification capacities.

Two pumps to choose from...

  • Summit Magnetic Drive Centrifugal Model MC4. 100% polypropylene construction for use to 185*F. Sealless, completely leakproof. Motor is 1/4 H.P., TEFC, 115V/1ph/60 Hz. With switch, cord and grounding plug.
  • Summit In-Tank Pump Model S1/3 - a bearing free, self-priming, leakproof pump that takes up only 3 " of in-tank space. Cosntructed of solid CPVC for use to 200*F. Motor is 1/3 H.P./115V/60 Hz./1 ph/TEFC with switch, cord and grounding plug. 50 Hz. And 3 phase motors are available.

... for carbon treatment... filtration. . . and purification of solutions

CARBO-KLEAR units, designed for continuous or periodic operation, remove all organic impurities and solid dirt particles down to 1 micron in size. Chambers are fabricated from solid PVC, for handling all acid and alkaline solutions to 160F or CPVC for operating temperatures up to 190F.

Following organic decontamination, the solution is automatically depth filtered through PERMA-KOTE filter sleeve cartridges, entrapping all foreign particles and solids.

There are five model sizes to choose from, depending on the number of gallons of solution in the tank to be purified; the amount of organic contamination present or introduced during processing; and whether Carbo-Klear is to be used continuously or intermittently. The following chart may serve as quantitative rule of thumb on model selection.

*Recommendations are based on a nominal one pound of granular carbon for every 100 gallons of solution to be purified, which has proven to be sufficient as a maintenance procedure. For tanks generating heavy organic contaminants, or where more thorough purification is desired, select the next larger model/size.

For tanks larger than 5,000 gallons, or where heavy duty purification is desired, any combination of Carbo- Klear models may be manifolded in parallel, consult factory for prices.

For Carbo-Klear Carbon Cartridges see Bulletin 918.

For Filter Sleeves see Bulletin 905.


All units are complete and ready to operate with:

  • Drain valve.
  • Diaphragm protected pressure gauge
  • Complete set of filter sleeves with supporting cores.
  • Carbon cartridge.
  • Hose, suction strainer and clamps.
  • Base: Models CK6, CK12, CK18 non-mobile (1" rubber feet)
  • Base: Models CK 35, CK50 with 2" swivel casters.

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