"Slim-Line" Self-Priming
CPVC In-Tank Pumps

From 50 to 5,000 GPH Capacities

  • Leak-proof
  • No metal contact
  • Bearing free
  • Non-aerating
  • Only one moving part

Here's a real advancement in the state of the art - an in-tank pump, as small as 3 " in diameter, with only one moving part for pumping, agitating, filtering, or circulating any liquid from pH 0-14, and to 210*F.

The "SLIM-LINE" In-Tank Pump for trouble-free service and economical operation in almost any conceivable application. All CPVC construction for solutions up to 210*F. (For special applications, also available on special order, PVC, Penton, Kynar, Teflon and most other plastics).

A high pressure, high volume, leak-proof pump that takes as little as 3 12" corner of in-tank space. The "SLIM-LINE" has an adjustable bracket, which allows easy setting for depth in-tank and/or distance from wall.

Optional Depth Extension Assembly

  • For circulating liquid inside deep tanks.
  • Lowers Pump intake strainer to bottom of tank.
  • Available in any length.

The Patented Summit Bearing-Free "Slimline" VERTICAL PUMP

The bearing-free Summit "Slimline" Pump, which uses as little as 3 " of tank space, is leakproof, never needs priming. It is constructed of solid machined CPVC that completely eliminates solution contact with metal.

Patented "Slimline" is designed for heavy duty continuous pumping of acid and alkaline solutions, abrasive fluids, and air agitated solutions. It has a rigid, solid stainless steel drive shaft, covered with a one-piece CPVC sleeve and impeller. A unique internal double suction/discharge keeps the shaft and impeller hydrostatically balanced, assuring smooth, vibration free performance. The shaft and impeller are the only moving parts in the pump. There are no bearing or seals to wear or leak, completely eliminating replacement of parts.

The heavy duty motor is rated for chemical duty service. Windings are class F rated with stainless steel motor shaft. Motor is completely sealed both inside and outside with a double baked coat of acid resistant Epoxy for long service life. One Phase motors are supplied with switch with 8 foot cord and grounding plug.

Pump is versatile and easy to install. It may be positioned anywhere around the tank An adjustable bracket assembly easily mounts pump and motor to tank flange. Vertical and horizontal adjustment permits positioning as desired (also available in rigid flange or top entry mount).

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